The Best Handicraft in Yogyakarta Part 1

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Every holiday, the main things you should not miss out are visiting the top famous tourist attractions, tasting the delicious their popular dishes, and also buying their local products as your holiday souvenirs for the others. In this part, we will talk about the best souvenirs in certain city if you want to go to. Let’s say you are going to holiday to Yogyakarta. It means you should figure out what kind of their local products which you can bring them as your souvenirs. You need to know this city is like a heaven for you to find out many handicrafts as you want started from the lowest until the highest price. You just have to decide what kind of the best handicraft in Yogyakarta as the souvenirs you want to bring it to your home. You just have to sort out what kind of souvenirs you want to buy as the budgeting you have prepared before.

You should not feel so worry because you will find any price range started from the lowest one until the highest one. All you can do is deciding what kind of souvenirs D-Day before you are going to holiday which can make you have a schedule where you can visit to buy them. In this case, there are listed of the best handicraft in Yogyakarta Part 1 you can buy as well. They are:

  • It is a kind a unique art form with the combination between technical skill and artistic expression which is considered as the Indonesia’s product fine in the world. Batik of this city is still done by using the multi colors cloth dyeing, paraffin, and beeswax process. The biggest with the lower price of batik you can visit is Pasar Batik Beringharjo which can give thousands of options handicrafts like artworks, toys, souvenirs, and also batik.
  • You can buy the beautiful paintings in this city if you are the painting lovers. If you want to get such as beautiful paintings you can get numbers of studios and galleries around Yogya such as the famous Indonesia artist gallery like Raden Saleh, Sapto Hudoyo, and Amri Yahya.
  • If you want to have the silvercraft as your souvenirs from this city, you can get to small town of Kkotagede which offers you thousands of workshops, shops and outlets of silver.
  • Leather Crafts. If you want to have souvenirs such as Wayang Kulit, the Javanese’s Puppets and other leather craft products such as small souvenirs, fans, clothing, sandals, bags and room decorations, you can find it easily in every side stalls on Jalan Malioboro, Kauman, Beringharjo Market, and many more. It will be your best souvenirs from this city as well.

Those are the listed of the best handicraft in Yogyakarta Part 1 you should not miss them, while visiting this city well or will feel regret because you did not by them. Ensure you will get satisfied holiday by buying the souvenirs for yourself or even the souvenirs for others.